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It has been a good thing that I have been forced by both Connecticut and New York to take up to 24 hours of professional education  (CLE’s) every two years. For the past twenty or so years, I have taken the vast majority of all of my courses in Alternative Dispute Resolution. There is no doubt that certain adversarial matters need to be resolved through the courts, but so many of the cases which ultimately find themselves in the courts, especially in areas like; divorce, special education, labor etc. can be more effectively, expeditiously and inexpensively brought to a reasonable conclusion by skilled mediation. 

It has long been true that as soon as you commit to a trial, between the motion practice, discovery and ultimate judicial forum, you lose control of the matter to be resolved, which often takes on a life of its own. So many cases end in dissatisfaction and disillusionment with the judicial system. 

I seek to find common ground in which reasonable people can settle their differences without substantially compromising their values. 

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