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Real Property Transactions

I have been involved in real estate transactions since 1987, when I handled  my first Connecticut closing. Over the years I have helped to transfer hundreds of residential and commercial properties. I have negotiated contracts as well as solved or litigated many real property disputes. I have taught real property law in law school, graduate schools, paralegal programs and to CLE workshop participants. This has been a most rewarding enterprise in that I find real property law interesting and believe that people’s lives are fundamentally changed by their ability to own real property.

The buying and/or selling of property could be among the most significant economic moments in a person's life. The attorney is there to assist and to represent, not create problems in the transaction. The actual transaction should be as seamless and stress free as the attorney can make it. It is often a wonderful and memorable time in a person’s life. 

Although real property transactions have become more and more complicated over the years., that should never be the client’s problem. It is the role of the lawyer to navigate the shoals of buying and selling a client’s property without immersing them in the complications occasioned by conditions beyond their control. 

I serve buyers, sellers, lending institutions, and am a title agent. 

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