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Representation of Not for Profit Boards

Since the early 1980’s I have served as counsel to, or as a director and or officer of not-for-profit enterprises. It is a calling for me, in the same way that at this time in my career many of my other chosen areas of legal practice have afforded me opportunities to self actualize my ardent desires to assist and serve. Generally, not-for-profit boards are made up of those whose goal is service and they are often surprised by the complexity and scrutiny that they may undergo for a variety of reasons often having nothing to do with the organizations conduct and mission. This is why I formed the Not For Profit Center for Excellence  (Good Stewards ). Which is dedicated to helping not for profit boards to remain in compliance with their governing regulatory agencies, and at the same time planning meaningful strategies which allow then to meet the needs of their mission. 

 Fully thirty percent or more of commercial revenue generated in The United States is a function of not-for-profit enterprises. And yet those who serve in their governance, largely uncompensated, are looked at as rank amateurs and do-gooders. Certainly they do go, but amateurs, hardly! 

Because I ardently believe in the not for profits place in our society, I have also formed, founded and qualified for not-for-profit status many not-for-profit corporations and charitable trusts. 

For more information on Good Stewards and what they can provide for your not-for-profit please click here.  

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